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Dice & Spells – Official iOS

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dice & Spells (by T-Bull)

The world of Dice & Spells is obscured by darkness. Undead woke up and started bloodthirsty fights, now everyone is in danger. Only you can stop them. Collect the remaining heroes and stop the evil with joint efforts!

Thanks to the magic dice, you will be able to use the mighty power hidden in them. Use them wisely, and no one will stand against you!

Epic Combat Battle
Gather a group of 4 heroes and defeat the Undead forces together. Prepare the right resources, develop honest tactics, and use magic dice to restore order worldwide.

Dice & Spells

Become a Legend
Gain valuable experience points and invest them in the development of your hero. Adapt your requirements to the needs of the battlefield.

Dice & Spells

Feel the Power
Defeat your enemies with magic dice. Each of them has different uses and firepower. Upgrade them and gradually try to use their power.

Dice & Spells

Heroes’ Journey
An unforgettable adventure full of dangers awaits you and your companions. On your way, you will meet many enemies who will be so powerful that fighting them will consume a lot of energy. Are you brave enough to overcome evil and save the world?

Heroic battles with various opponents
Magic dice that differ in use and skills
Many playable heroes
Power-Ups that diversify the gameplay
Upgrade the power of magic dice
Expand the potential of your team
A world full of dangers and dark secrets
50+ stages
Dungeon Boss fights
Rewards for each battle won

The time has come. Fight with others for the freedom of the whole world!

Dice & Spells
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