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Son Kale 2

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Son Kale 2 (by ATOMGAMES)

-Real-time strategy game (RTS/MMO) inspired by the glorious history of the Ottoman Empire

Show everyone that you are a magnificent Ottoman Sultan!

It’s up to you to bring the armies to their knees in the Turkish game Last Castle! Embark on an amazing journey through Ottoman history, strengthen your principality, ascend the throne, rule armies and conquer new lands! A magnificent game with the most beautiful war strategy among Ottoman games is waiting for you.

Son Kale 2

Start the game as a fearless prince in the epic Ottoman Empire, prove yourself by taking the place of the sultan and continue your reign with the Ottoman wars!

Fight heroically as a ruler of the mighty Ottoman Empire and show the might of the mighty Turkish army! Build strong alliances for the survival of the magnificent Ottoman Empire and join PvP battles with your alliance! Get stronger with the Ottoman Wars.

Son Kale 2

Relive history with amazing ottoman war animations equipped with HD graphics! Hit your enemy’s weak spot by sending your invincible Janissary troops into battle, while moralizing your mighty army with the Mehter troops! Make your enemy kneel down with the 680 kg Shahi cannon, the magnificent invention of Fatih Sultan Mehmet! Organize your army with Akıncı, Hunter, Axeman, Koçbaşı, Catapult and many more. Raise your fortification to protect your people from enemies! Let all your opponents see that you are a magnificent sultan with the Ottoman Wars. Have the best among Ottoman games, let your glory walk ahead of you!

Son Kale 2

Identify your friend and foe on the innovative world map, get ready for the battle against your enemies with ottoman games! Show off your awesome strategy skills in this global MMO!

Son Kale 2

Organize expeditions to Byzantine castles and show the might of the Great Ottoman Empire to all of Europe! Conquer new lands with the glory and power of your ancestors, and rule your people with justice!

Son Kale 2

Are you ready to be a magnificent Ottoman Sultan? Everyone will talk about you in the Last Fortress with the Ottoman Wars!


The best mobile RTS and MMO game inspired by the Ottoman Empire
100% local game
Strategy wars
Innovative world map
Animated battle reports equipped with HD graphics
Multiplayer battles with your clanmates
Build and develop 8 separate cities that you can dominate
Upgrade your castles, gather resources and train Janissary troops
Rule your lands by winning victories in magnificent ottoman wars
Develop research by making use of the knowledge of the Madrasa in the Kulliye.

Son Kale 2
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