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OuMua Magic Survival RPG Games

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of OuMua Magic Survival RPG Games (by Vireye LLC)

We greet you, Wanderer!

A once prosperous world now lies in ruins. Danger lurks at every step, and surviving in these grim and harsh conditions is a tough challenge.

Embrace the role of OuMua, a symbiotic being that consists of an immortal soul – Ou, and a physical shell – Mua, and try to survive, fighting through the hordes of deadly enemies that stand between you and the mystery of the fractured World.

OuMua offers you to take on the role of the World savior, a Hero who can uncover the root causes of the catastrophe, defeating the darkness and returning the world to light and prosperity.

OuMua Magic Survival RPG Games

To make this happen, you will have to:

– Survive in procedurally generated locations surrounded by hordes of versatile enemies.
– Challenge legendary, never-before-seen Bosses.
– Develop and master numerous skills, matching them to the particular combat scenario.
– Explore locations in search of power-ups and equipment that may significantly increase your chances of success.

OuMua Magic Survival RPG Games

Key Gameplay features and advantages:

– A Top-notch Shoot ’em up Roguelike with RPG elements combination.
– Innovative combat experience based on the proper balance of character proficiencies, skill sets, and equipment.
– Hordes of different deadly foes and epic Bosses, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
– Spectacular 3D graphics combined with simple and addictive roguelike gameplay.
– A storytelling approach with a deep plot elaboration of the Game World.
– An excellent opportunity for almost infinite progression of your character. Find one of the unique specializations and master ultimate skills and abilities.
– Various possibilities for your character’s customization and personalization.

OuMua Magic Survival RPG Games

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