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Sherlock Holmes’ Journey

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Sherlock Holmes’ Journey (by JoyMore Inc)

On rainy night, when dawn broke, what happened to a dilapidated old apartment? Who is crying in the corner…
An ancient noble school, why has it been so uneven recently? The strange phantom in the photo, the sound of footsteps outside the bedroom late at night.. What happened?

Sherlock Holmes' Journey

The director of the artist company died unexpectedly, and the pattern that has not appeared for a long time appeared again. Does it mean that the truth from years ago has gradually surfaced…
s all this accident or premeditated? Is it a coincidence or a cover up? Is it related to that case many years ago? you! Can you see through the fog and find the truth?

Sherlock Holmes' Journey

Sherlock Holmes’ Journey is an interactive adventure puzzle game with text + scene animation. Players need to play a resourceful detective. They need to analyze and process the information or plots that appear in the case to find clues. Evidence, see through all lies, catch the last murderer!

Sherlock Holmes' Journey

Game Features
*The plot is confusing and fascinating. Strong reasoning
*The story logic is clear, each case is relatively independent, but it is closely tied to the main line
*Classic method of finding pictures, looking for suspicious objects at the crime scene as evidence
*Classic jigsaw puzzle gameplay, relying on memory to restore the scene of the crime and find the trace of the murderer
*A variety of puzzle-solving games are integrated. If you want to find the truth, you have to use your brain.
* Exercise the coordination of the player’s brain, eyes, hands and other organs in the form of games
*Exercise logical analysis skills and mental agility

Sherlock Holmes' Journey

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