Technoroid Unison Heart

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The description of テクノロイド ユニゾンハート (by CyberAgent Inc.)

A future in which most of the earth was flooded due to a sudden increase in temperature caused by abnormal weather.
The world was ruled by the World Government, and a society was built in which “humans” and “androids” coexisted, equipped with a “kokoro program” that germinated emotions in machines.

A is the entertainment tower “Babylon”.
“You”, the most apprentice of Esora Shibaura, the world’s robotic authority, meets four androids who, for some reason, don’t work.

テクノロイド ユニゾンハート

Four bodies that imperceptibly stop time, not knowing what they are created for and why they sleep.
――“You” accidentally woke them up.

“dont know……”
“We… Babylon…!”

Their challenge to “Babylon” and meeting with “you” will greatly change their fate.

“Music drives not only the human mind, but also the android kokoro? “And even the fate of both.”

Game Features

[Full scale and full story]
In addition to the main story about the activities and growth of androids in Babylon (20 consecutive chapters), read the various sub-stories and get a feel for them kokoro!

テクノロイド ユニゾンハート

[Simple and Addictive Puzzle Game]
Let’s send “kokoro bit”, which can be played refreshingly with simple controls, to androids and make the concert a success!
If you rank up in live, the main story will be released, and you will also receive the materials needed to train and release the sub-story!

テクノロイド ユニゾンハート

[Let’s create your favorite unit]
Let’s level up androids and free the memory tree by strengthening memory!
Raised androids are free to form squads and perform live.

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テクノロイド ユニゾンハート

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