Rum & Cannon – Warships Battle

Official Launch

💡 Platform – iOS

The description of Rum & Cannon – Warships Battle (by JOYPEAK)

In the Age of Great Sailing, as a Captain, you and Chief Mate will lead the Fleet, beat your deadly enemies, conquer the Sea, and create your own Legend of sailing.

Rum & Cannon is an adventure RPG mobile game in the Age of Great Sailing. As the Captain of a fleet, you and your Chief Mate Don Katrina, will lead the new fleet composed of The Royal and The North Hill to set out from the Mobius Sea to catch up with the Queen Anne’s Revenge, which sneaked behind and made you lose control over the sea, and to beat your deadly enemy, the Blackbeard. During the voyage, you will meet pirates with different characteristics. The Captain of the Brave Viking, Rollo, was also be part of your Fleet, to explore the legendary islands Avalon and Atlantis. Your Fleet will battle with other pirates for conquer of the Sea, and to create your own Legend of Sailing.

[Collect Warships]

Hundreds of Captains and Warships can be chosen to form your own fleet, meet them in the Tavern, an Epic Captain is guaranteed every 10-Draw!

[Upgrade Fleet]

Upgrade your warships, enhance your gears in the Dockyard, to build your own strongest Fleet on the sea.

Rum & Cannon - Warships Battle

[Strategic Combat]

Build various formations with three roles and six Element Factions,to deal with specific challenges, win the rewards of Adventure,Conquest and Expedition.

Rum & Cannon - Warships Battle

[Enjoy Adventure]

Non-stop cruising, set your Fleet cruising while you’re AFK. When you return, collect the Rewards and ready for Warfare.

[Conquer the Sea]

Defeat your deadly enemy Fleets, expand your Areas, challenge different Gameplays, win the Conquest, and rule the Seas!

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