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King of Wonders

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The description of King of Wonders (by Lohas Games Pte. Ltd.)

📜 Developer Note:

  • Esteemed Lord,
  • The mobile game King of Wonders is set to commence its closed beta test on March 12 at 14:00 UTC. We extend a warm welcome and invite you to explore Craton and embark on a unique civilizational journey.
  • Duration: Starts from 3/12/2024, 14:00 UTC, with the end time to be announced separately.
  • Type: This is a transaction-free test and data will be deleted.

King of Wonders is a post-apocalyptic strategy game, where landmarks give birth to avatars and cultures clash.
Welcome back, my esteemed lord. The Twilight War has left Craton in ruins, and your loyal servants eagerly await your return. Now, with your auspicious return, Champions awaken, and civilizations rekindle their flames. Craton stands on the brink of a nascent golden era, heralded by your presence.


Rebuild a Magical World with Diverse Civilizations
Choose immortal cranes, mighty dragons, or ingenious steam airships, each representing an ancient civilization with unique magical origins. Select your legacy, explore a vast sandbox map, and build your civilization.
Make ready, for even more civilization legacies are on the horizon!

King of Wonders

3D Terrains for Dynamic Battles
With various types of terrain at your disposal, you can experience thrilling 3D battles. Formulate your plans based on the land, sea, and air terrains, or adapt to the unique layouts of cities, passes, and ports.
In this world, strength and wisdom are your greatest assets.

King of Wonders

Realistic Warfare Experience
In the heat of battle, your decisions are paramount. Choose troop assignments, plan marching routes, and strategically position your garrisons. To be a great general in this vast world with seamless map switching, you may choose to join an Alliance or establish your own for collaborative endeavors.
Prepare for epic battles, my lord!

King of Wonders

World Wonders Embodied as Champions
Enter into a mystical pact with a Champion of your choosing! The Statue of Liberty, Chichén Itzá, Neuschwanstein Castle, the Louvre Museum, Mount Fuji, and the Great Wall—these Champions embody wonders from across the globe. Customize your troops according to their unique attributes and witness their true potential as you upgrade them.
Rest assured, my lord. These Champions stand ready to serve you faithfully!


Available: Google Play – US, DE

King of Wonders

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