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Civilization: Eras & Allies 2K

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The description of Civilization: Eras & Allies 2K (by 2K, Inc.)

Embark on a journey through the ages of history and forge your path to glory. Step into the shoes of legendary leaders and command empires that have shaped the world. From the legions of Julius Caesar to the strategic genius of Sun Tzu, the choice is yours. Will you rule kingdoms with an iron fist or lead your empire with benevolence? In this real-time strategy (RTS) game, the fate of empires rests in your hands.

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Bring history to life like never before. Immerse yourself in intricate landscapes, witness the rise and fall of world empires, and experience the weight of your decisions as you navigate governance, warfare, and diplomacy. Command armies in real-time combat, explore the technology and military strength of different ages and cultures, and unveil ancient wonders like the Great Pyramids and the Roman Colosseum as you lead your empire to victory.

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Take empire-building to the next level with time-limited game seasons that add a thrilling twist to your journey of conquest. Each season offers distinct challenges and opportunities to delve into the cultures of empires across different historical periods: from ancient civilizations to medieval kingdoms and beyond. Time-limited game seasons offer exclusive rewards and bonuses, as well as exciting competition, allowing you to discover unique abilities, leaders, and technological advancements.

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FEATURES: History Comes to Life

Cross-era battles: This strategy game will let you reshape history. Joan of Arc will fight Julius Caesar, the army of Hojo Tokimune will clash with ancient Egypt – will you earn the title of ‘Conqueror’?
Each empire offers special advantages for tactical gameplay. Discover their various technological strengths and master the science of each era in order to build an empire that will leave a mark on the world.
Conquer the wonders of the ancient world like the Great Pyramids and the Roman Colosseum, and use their power to enrich your civilization.
Over a hundred world leaders to unlock and command: Julius Caesar, El Cid, Joan of Arc, Shibata Katsuie, Sun Tzu, and more.
Experience stunning graphics and the historical wonders of the world as you battle in 4X real-time strategy and build your empire.

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Real-Time Strategy (RTS) battles
4X Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy (RTS) gameplay puts your war strategy and tactics to the ultimate test as you battle enemy empires and test your military strength.
Join forces with allies to battle, conquer, and negotiate with rivals as you build your Kingdom to stand against other empire-builders from around the world.

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Time-Limited Game Seasons

4X war strategy game: command, conquer and lead your empire to glory as you move through the ages of history in time-limited seasons.
Eager for new challenges? Game seasons bring a host of advantages for 4X strategy players. With each season, you’ll encounter fresh adversaries, unlocking new strategies and tactics as you adapt to the ever-changing landscape.
Game seasons offer exclusive rewards and bonuses, tailored to the unique culture, era, and civilization you explore. Discover how the ancient leaders and kingdoms built their empires and led their people to victory – then use those abilities for your own empire.
Engage in alliances, forge diplomatic ties, and trade with others as you navigate the dynamic landscape of shifting alliances and rivalries. During these seasons, you’ll foster camaraderie, friendly competition, and shared experiences among players from around the globe.


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Conquests & Alliances: 4X RTS

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