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Last Guardian-Strategy War

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Last Guardian-Strategy War (by SSS games)

In the game, players play the righteous side and possess numerous special agent heroes. They can fight against the city’s mafia forces (PVE) or fight against players (PVP)
Each hero has unique skills and talents, and players need to utilize their own resources and strategies to continuously develop and grow.
In the game, you can collect resources in the wild, plunder other players’ cities to collect resources, and obtain fragments through mini games. To cultivate beloved heroes through this.

Last Guardian-Strategy War

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Last Guardian-Strategy War

Game features:
Online VIP 3 free, 7-day login orange hero free
Small game levels, easy to operate, quickly win battles and receive level rewards.
March and engage in battles, gather resources, and engage in real-time combat.
Team up to attack stronger units, attack and plunder cities

Last Guardian-Strategy War

Featured system:
Urban construction system: Each player has independent territories, divided into three types of buildings: economic, military, and activity. The buildings are gradually opened according to the level of the main city, with various functions, collecting resources, recruiting soldiers, researching technology, launching battles, reconnaissance of enemies, and exploring maps

Hero System: Over 50 heroes waiting for players to recruit, each with its own unique skills (6 passive skills and 2 active skills)

Last Guardian-Strategy War

World Map System: Players recruit heroes, and 5 heroes form a unit. The higher the player’s school level, the more units they can form. Units can collect, fight, and expand on the map

During the PVP process, there is a certain probability of capturing the opponent’s leader, and a ransom must be paid within the specified time, otherwise the lord talent cannot be used.

Last Guardian-Strategy War

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