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RPG Alis Temporis

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of RPG Alis Temporis (by TownSoftJP)

Embark on an adventurous journey in a world where past and present intersect.”
Alis Temporis” is a game in which you control a party in the past and the present to advance the story.
The present is slightly changed by the events that occurred in the past. Please enjoy such a game.

放置RPG Alis Temporis - 時を超える翼

Level up with auto search! You can also enjoy the easy, leave-it-and-forget-it game!”
The game is equipped with an auto-search system that allows you to play easily.
You can have your characters fight automatically, level up, and collect items efficiently.
When you are busy, you can enjoy the game while leaving it alone.

放置RPG Alis Temporis - 時を超える翼

Strategic battles unfold during boss battles!
In boss battles, players direct the actions of their characters to fight.
Players can develop strategic battles by taking advantage of their own strengths.
In addition, treasure chests at the end of defeating bosses may contain items that make monsters into friends!

放置RPG Alis Temporis - 時を超える翼

Chat and guild functions allow you to interact with your fellow players!”
Exchange information about the game by interacting with other players playing.

Explore and get various items and friends.
These items and companions can be moved back and forth between the “past” and the “present”.
We hope you will enjoy Alis Temporis, where you can enjoy Huxla in the past and the present!

放置RPG Alis Temporis - 時を超える翼

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