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Lord Development Plan

Official Launch(TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 領主養成計劃 (by YUANHENG NETWORK LIMITED)

Become a lord and build a city-state
The mobile game “Lord Development Plan”, a fantasy lord development game from another world, allows you to become a lord by increasing your rank, paying taxes, recruiting troops, and collecting funds to manage and build a city-state!
Awaken the power of the ancient gods in the Oran Empire and transform into a great lord. Use your own methods to build a city-state, develop economic and military capabilities, strive for a larger territory, and become the overlord of one side!

“The cultivation of lords and the dominance of the empire”
Manage the cabinet, handle government affairs, compete for resources, and develop city-state construction! Receive the supreme honor of promotion and title based on your lord’s merits! Titles such as earl, lord, and divine lord will be awarded to you!


“Heroes gather and recruit unlimited troops from all over”
The lord can get to know heroes with various specialties in the tavern, increase their favorability and bring them under his command, and carry out different training strategies according to the heroes’ specialties to become the lord’s right-hand man! The unlimited free recruitment system helps lords quickly unify the empire and become the overlord!


“City-state construction, government affairs and harem with both hands”
Economic construction develops trade, accompanied by the Loli Queen’s harem, competing for territory, controlling materials, and managing internal affairs to become the strongest lord!


“Magic Adventure: Hatching the Magic Egg and Signing the Contract”
There are various random events in the magical world waiting for the lord to take risks and explore. The lord will obtain magic eggs when taking risks. After hatching, he can obtain cute and battleable familiars. After signing a contract with them, he can develop exclusive familiars. , making the adventure path more interesting and colorful!

“Study in the academy and score points in the arena”
The construction academy sends heroes to study, DIY the development direction of heroes, and reject the homogenization of heroes! Send heroes to participate in the arena to compete with other lords’ heroes and win the supreme glory!

“Accompanied by a maid, you can relax and play in fragmented time”
It’s relaxing and not harmful to your liver, and playing with the maid is really eye-catching! Various rare props are given away, and the diamond heroes can’t get enough! The maid accompanies you to build a city-state, and it’s still fun even without storing money!

Available: Google Play – TW, HK, MO


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