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Magic Tower Rush: Idle defense

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Magic Tower Rush: Idle defense (by 1%GAMES)

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Innovative Tower Defense: Magic Tower Rush
Defend your towers against monsters attacking from all directions. Instead of guarding the path, you must survive the onslaught of incoming enemies. TD is Easy

Magic Tower Rush: Idle defense

Strategic Tower Defense: Magic Tower Rush
No more repetitive upgrades for heroes only. Tower upgrades are essential to clear stages. From tower placement and equipment combinations to skill timing, success is challenging without proper strategy.

Magic Tower Rush: Idle defense

Idle Tower Defense: Magic Tower Rush
Running low on resources? Rewards increase with each stage. Daily unlimited rewards, diamonds, and supply items from prayers. Randomly obtained treasure chests on the field and supply item support every 7 minutes. Daily quests, repeatable quests, and weekly challenge goals throughout the week. Additionally, enjoy everything ad-free by removing ads.

Magic Tower Rush: Idle defense

Explore Various Content: Magic Tower Rush
[Endless Challenge] – Test your limits in endless challenges.
[Void Portal] – Experience new dungeons.
[Teasure of Thunder Beast] – Hunt for treasures and get new equipment daily.
[Supply Shop] – Purchase a variety of equipment, including premium items.
[Treasure Hunt] – Obtain special currency and premium equipment.
[Tea Egg Trial] – Capture eggs with different patterns for daily rewards.
[Goblin’s Treasure] – Quickly obtain gold in one go.
[Smelter of Creation] – Strengthen weak equipment.
[The Ultimate Battle] – Face the strongest enemies.
[Elite Dungeon] – Clear bosses and grow into a grand master.
[Breakthrough Challenge] – Battle powerful enemies and upgrade towers beyond normal ranks.


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