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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 기적의 펜디온 (by NGELGAMES)

A large-scale war begins to determine the owner of the vast continent of Pendion.
Your best advisor Angelia and the Expeditionary Force Commander will welcome you.

“Only give orders, my lord.”

“Introduction to the game”

Simple strategy, Angelia’s assistant
Cumbersome internal affairs such as training, research and production will be handled by Angelia’s assistant.
Now focus on more important wars and diplomacy to create the ultimate kingdom!

기적의 펜디온

Large-scale guild wars, capturing nodes
The great war between the guilds takes place on the arena of the vast continent of Pendion.
Capture major bases like Arnia and Crimson and become the master of the continent!

기적의 펜디온

Your own division made up of different divisions
26 types of commanders and 68 types of warriors are waiting for the order of the lord.
The monarch’s own troops that make good use of each person’s characteristics
Use strategically to defeat enemy troops!

기적의 펜디온

Seasonal system for recording new history
A Pendion story reused every season
We are waiting for a new challenge from the monarch.
Leave the great achievements of the monarch in the history of Pendion!

기적의 펜디온

Exciting real-time battle
Real-time battles in an open field
See soldiers and commanders in action
Feel the tension of the battlefield!

The most convenient resource assembly in the world
Even if the monarch is not connected, the commanders will take care of them.
Enjoy strategic play with automatic research rewards!

Official website https://pendion.ngelgames.com/

Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community

Available: Google Play / App Store – KR

기적의 펜디온

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