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The description of (by Supercell)


Looking for a job?

Well, it’s your lucky day because is looking for adventurers to join our team!

No experience necessary!

A few things you can expect on the job are the following, but not limited to:
● Hunting monsters across beautiful parallel worlds
● Getting epic loot from deadly bosses
● Crafting and equipping new gear to further your monster-hunting career
● Engaging open world hunting and dungeon raids

The job is mildly dangerous but comes with some sweet benefits:
● Fresh gear to equip. You represent out there so look good while you hunt
● Zero commute! Instantly jump into action using our advanced world transportation portal – fancy
● Career advancement opportunities. Bigger and badder monsters require bigger and badder Hunters to take them down. So, get to hunting and secure that promotion!

Job perks:

BITE SIZED ADVENTURES: monster hunting can sometimes take a few mins or a few hours. The choice is yours while on the job. offers immediate action & flexible hours for all open world hunting and dungeon raids.

YOU DO YOU: no uniforms here. Customize your character and play style to your liking. Easily swap between different hunting forms: melee, ranged, spells or heal. Hunt and collect different types of outfits to suit your ideal monster hunting look. Who says you can’t hunt and look good at the same time?

SOLO OR GROUP HUNT: at, it’s up to you. Whether you’re a lone wolf or a social butterfly, you decide how to hunt. Solo a job, hunt with friends, or maybe adventure with strangers… just get the job done.

ARMED TO THE TEETH: there are many ways to hunt monsters. Luckily, offers a variety of endless hunting tools to unlock and upgrade. We’re talking tons of Gadgets and some very deadly Weapons, like modified baseball bats, electro firing gloves, and a staff that spawns deadly googly-eyed chickens. Oh, and a Ride to help carry it all!

SIMPLE YET COMPLEX: anyone can become a monster hunter but few can truly MASTER the art of monster hunting. It may look easy… but don’t be fooled, a great deal of strategic thinking, dexterity and dedication is needed for a Hunter to master their craft.

Official website

Available: Google Play – USA

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