Monster Fishing RPG

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Monster Fishing RPG (by YohiyukiNakashima)

New sensation, Fishing x Fantasy RPG!
Catch monster Fish in an open world of 2D dots!

The main character and his friend, who live on a country island, leave the island and set off on a journey to catch “Monster Fish” (Mon-Fish) from all over the world.
During their journey, their friend is eaten by a frog-shaped Monster Fish and taken away!

Why was my friend taken away?
There was actually a secret…!
Fishing RPG! Fishing for Monster Fish and saving the world!

Monster Fishing RPG

Unique Monster Fish
Let’s catch many kinds of Monster Fish!

There are many kinds of Monster Fish, from small to large!
If you catch all of them and fill up the picture book, something good may happen…?

Monster Fishing RPG

Fishing Action
Fishing for Monster Fish is easy!

Move your cursor toward the shadow of the fish you see on the surface of the water!

Once the cursor is aligned with the shadow of the fish, swing the fishing rod to start the action!

If the fish’s energy (hearts) is lost in time with the timing of the gauge, you’ve successfully caught it!

Monster Fishing RPG

Tools to aid in fishing
Fishing Bait
 Fishing bait can be equipped to give you an advantage in the fishing action!
 (It is a consumable item, so be careful how many you have!)

Fishing Rods
 Each fishing rod has a different performance.
 To obtain a fishing rod with better performance, collect and produce Monster Fish materials!

Monster Fishing RPG

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