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Monster Frontline

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Monster Frontline (by HUNG WELL International)

The summoners possess the incredible ability to control monsters, creating the ultimate team and venturing into the depths of the Magic Library for mystical powers, and employ strategic attribute advantages and tactical combos to outwit their opponents and earn victories.

Monster Frontline

Easily Connect in High-Speed Battles

Monsters are divided into three attributes: Scissors, Rock, and Paper. Skillfully using attribute advantages can deal higher damage to opponents. Sending out three identical monsters allows them to connect, triggering exclusive combo skills during battles. Higher-tier monsters possess unique activation conditions for their special abilities. Master the timing of skill activation and embark on the path to victory.

Monster Frontline

Join Forces in the Boss Challenge

In the depths of the Magic Library, uncontrollable evil monsters exist. Summoners, who are usually at odds with each other, must unite to face these endlessly formidable creatures. Utilize strategies and teamwork, unleash the team’s maximum damage output, withstand the assault of mighty monsters, and reap exclusive bountiful rewards together.

Monster Frontline

Build Your Strong Team

Within the Magic Library, there are dozens of different monsters. Summoners must collect more monsters to enhance their strength, allowing for a more diverse and powerful team composition. Upgrading owned monsters grants substantial improvements to their skills, enhancing the team’s overall performance. Assemble a unique and formidable team, and stand out among the summoners!

Monster Frontline

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