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Opulence Fantasy – EN

Official Launch – SEA + APK

💡 Platform – Android

Languages: English added

The description of Opulence Fantasy (絕妙遊戲M)

Opulence Fantasy is a business simulation and management game set in an immortal era where the main character travels back in time. It integrates business management, farming, and plot. In this declining immortal realm, you, as an “outsider”, are going to make everything different. Invited by the Yama, you will take on the responsibility of revitalizing the city. You can follow main quests to open shops and increase revenue, engage in farming to raise and train mythical creatures, cultivate disciples to collect extraordinary stories and meet deities and soulmates to ultimately achieve prosperity for the town.

Fancy Business, Fortune Rolls in
In the Duguang city with ever-bright lights, a modern shopping mall stands in the immortal realm. Increase revenue by opening more shops, appointing celestials to manage them, and upgrading furniture. It is extremely suitable for modern business, and wearing fancy costumes for promotion can also increase revenue.

Opulence Fantasy - EN

Extraordinary Encounters, Delightful Treats
In the bustling city and the restaurant managed by you, a bowl of wine in hand will write a splendid and delicious adventure. You can manage restaurants, barbecue shops, and farmhouse inns in the immortal realm, starting from a small business and gradually expanding, ultimately reviving the immortal realm.

Opulence Fantasy - EN

Emotional Connections, Heartwarming Moments
In the game, you can create a Syndicate with friends, organize regular team-building activities, and invest in projects to develop the three realms together, using the power of the Syndicate to gain more wealth.

Opulence Fantasy - EN

Versatile Attire, Dazzling Beauty
The game features a variety of unique oriental costumes for you, and the characters will also be transformed into oriental style, presenting you with a unified and stunning world of beauty centered around oriental clothing.

Available: Google Play – MY, SG, TW

Opulence Fantasy - EN

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