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Girl Wars

Soft Launch – EN + APK | Gift Codes

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Girl Wars (by Y2SGAMES)

In the infinite space
the other lan exists in the parallel world
It is blessed by the gods and people live a steady life here
But the Devil senses the power in the land!

It has already come…

The dark seeds are planted quietly and start to take root.
The peaceful life is gone!

Only you are able to change the fate of land!
All ancient and modern pretty Heroines get together to fight with you!

Try your best to defeat the Devil!
It’s time! Download the game now!

In the Fantasy World, fight together with the cute girls!

Immerse in the awesome storyline
Main storyline with more than 100M words!
Experience it with different types of girls!
Enjoy dating different types of girls!

Girl Wars

Interesting and relaxable system
Deploy the wise formation to fight against the enemies!
Easily auto battle!
Defeat a powerful BOSS to experience the best achievements!
Lots of items gained fill your satisfaction!

Super cool battle animation effect
Cute and cool Heroes are here!
Some Heroes have hide animation!
Smoothing BGM satisfies you!

Girl Wars

Meet cute girls in another world
Bond with different girls during the adventure!
Know about them during being familiar with them!
Date with the pretty girl you like!

Heartbeat special scene
Ice beauty is very energetic after drunk, and cute maid is in servant clothing.
The girl who falls into the trap made by herself during hunting
Which event can meet the Hero you like?

Girl Wars

Experience different gameplay for free
Join the main battlefield to fight against others!
Wisely from Hero formation for the best team!
Create the formation!

Create the most powerful Guild with your partners
Fight with different players to join Guild events!
Defeat all opponents to win the victory!
Fight against other players for the best!

Girl Wars

Increase Intimacy to unlock Bathing Suit
Give Food to Hero to increase Intimacy!
After Intimacy reaches a certain Lv, unlock Hero Bathing Suit!
The higher Intimacy means more functions unlocked!

Great Mini Game
Puzzle, Labyrinth, Dungeon
Make lucky food, draw cute suit, and explore in Labyrinth!
Cute and great rewards!
Have fun here!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – US, CA

Girl Wars

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