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Pileus Bad Trip

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Pileus Bad Trip (by Denis Glebov)

Saving your brother isn’t just a lazy plot device!

Test yourself in the role of a swollen mushroom and try to fix what happened while you were sleeping!
Of course, provided that YOU can at least complete the training…

Pileus Bad Trip

PBT is an action platformer in which you will plunge into exciting 2D battles with an interesting plot, varied locations and a lot of dark humor with references to pop culture and cult games!

Pileus Bad Trip

• Exciting and dynamic 2D platformer: Study the behavior of your enemies and play tricks on them, all for the sake of embroidery, of course, or be ready to find yourself back at home faster than you can say “pollen.”
• Play at your own pace: It’s up to YOU to decide whether YOU want to explore every secret corner and room or rush to the end, sweeping away everything in your path.

Pileus Bad Trip

And now to the best part:
• Storyline – defeat the mysterious mushroom thief and save your brother.
• 3 biomes – explore the outskirts of the city of Gribovets, the dungeon and the dense forest.
• 34 combat locations and 5 peaceful locations to explore the world.
• 19 monsters – slugs, infected creatures and dangerous gopniks await you.
• 4 bosses – fight the minions of the evil manipulator and eliminate him for the greater good.
• 300+ unique replicas from NPCs.
• Collect notes and learn more about the lore of the mushroom kingdom.
• Buy yourself a companion from Champignexon and continue your journey with his additional skill.
• Rebuild part of the destroyed village and take advantage of the lost benefits of civilization (chapel increasing maximum HP, pharmacy cheap first aid kits).
• Explore RND levels to collect more resources.

Pileus Bad Trip

• Support for external controllers
• No advertising and monetization, free-to-play!

Pileus Bad Trip

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