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Ella’s Battle: Idle RPG

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Ella’s Battle: Idle RPG (by Gameduo)

Help Ella defeat the evil humans and monsters.

Alligators live together in the serene Ever Glades.
One day, humans and monsters start to attack Ever Glades.
Ella grows furious and unleashes her special powers!
Hero Ella’s adventure has now begun.

Ella's Battle: Idle RPG

Anywhere at Anytime!
Just a few clicks to experience the thrill of victory!

Ella's Battle: Idle RPG

Endless Rewards!
Free rewards everyday! Go idle and watch the rewards pile up!

Ella's Battle: Idle RPG

A Wide Range of Contents!
Various expeditions such as “Protect the Watermelon Patch”, “Treasure Cove of Sorcery”, “Suspicious Laboratory”, and “Sky Tower”!

Ella's Battle: Idle RPG

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