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Queen’s Knights – Slash IDLE – Global

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 퀸즈나이츠 : 압도적 타격감 방치형 RPG (by Mgame)

Enjoy rapid growth and overwhelming blows in endless levels!
Real idle RPG game, Queen’s Knights!
Strengthen items and skills with resources obtained through various dungeon raids
Grow your pets, mercenaries, and treasures to become the best knight!

Queen's Knights

Catch the endlessly pouring monsters and grow your knights to learn fancy skills
Strengthen your skills.

Queen's Knights

Enhancement Stone Dungeon, Guardian Dungeon, Treasure Dungeon, Bless Dungeon, Sentence Dungeon, Breakthrough Dungeon!
Attack various dungeons and acquire goods!

Queen's Knights

Strengthen items with goods obtained from dungeons, collect guardians, treasures, and sentences
You can grow into a more powerful knight.

Queen's Knights

A rewarding reward system that can be easily enjoyed without billing
Even offline rewards that can be played without being alienated from busy daily life…
We will give you satisfaction with user-friendly operation and quick updates.

Queen's Knights

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