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Nanospace Idle – Official iOS

Official Launch – iOS – Global

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Nanospace Idle (by Galileo Sky LLC)

ADOPT and GROW your own BUBBLY Nanospace Agents!! If you are a fan of IDLE games, action RPGs and subculture vibes, Nanospace is perfect! Prepare for unparalleled high-quality 3D graphics paired with enchanting subculture-themed characters

BUBBLY (aka. Nanospace Corp.) kicked off with one goal in mind; to guard our world against rogue self-aware AGIs, hackers, and slimes. They’re dedicated to maintaining harmony, facing off against everything from buggy AGIs to unruly slimes. Armed with captivating combat AGI characters and first-class weaponry, you’ve got everything you need to shield the world from a whole array of threats

Nanospace Idle

See Your AGIs Flourish
– The auto-battle system levels up your characters and accumulates game money, even in your absence.
– Experience captivating 3D characters with intricate animations and skill effects that will keep you hooked.
– Enjoy seamless progression, as your AGIs develop and gain strength over time without needing your constant attention.

Nanospace Idle

Weapon Variety Switch
– Swap weapons dynamically to match your strategy and overcome challenges.
– Explore weapons that suit your style, each with its unique power and design.
– Use weapons’ unique pros and cons for strategic play and better battle outcomes.

Nanospace Idle

Assemble the Dream Team
– Mix and match characters with complementary skills to form an unbeatable squad tailored to your gameplay strategy.
– Select a balanced team of AGIs, ensuring a combination of attack, defense, and support roles for optimal performance in gameplay.
– Upgrade your team’s abilities and gear as you progress, keeping your squad ahead of the competition and ready for the challenges ahead.

Nanospace Idle

Boost with Relics and Pets
– Enhance your team’s abilities by equipping relics, unlocking powerful synergies and boosting combat prowess.
– Incorporate pets for extra buffs and special skills, adding depth to your strategy and gameplay.
– Leverage the combined power of relics and pets to gain a significant edge in battles, forming an unstoppable and unified force.

Diverse Gameplay Adventures
– Embark on epic raids against formidable foes, offering team-based strategy and high rewards.
– Compete against boss mob in the arena, showcasing your tactical prowess and climbing the leaderboards.
– Overcome unique challenge mode to push your strategic limits and earn exclusive bonuses.

Nanospace Idle

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