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Rescue Mission : Submarine

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Rescue Mission : Submarine (by Frolics2dio)

Using realistic physics, submarine to rescue divers from under water caves.

Rescue Mission : Submarine

Divers are trapped at the bottom of a deep and narrow cave. Your mission is to rescue them and take them back to base safely.

Rescue Mission : Submarine

A physics based game inspired by rescue submarine. Test your piloting skills from wide open sea to narrow caves simple and intuitive touch controls.
Upgrade unique submarine with their pros and cons.

Rescue Mission : Submarine

There are 12 levels but more to come!!! Complete all the under water missions. Very challenging game play.

Features :
-Challenging Levels
-Smooth game control.
-Easy and fun to play.
-Simple but addicting mechanics.
-Play Offline.
-Chill and have fun.

What are you waiting for save them all!!!

Rescue Mission : Submarine

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