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Sunday City

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💡 Platform – iOS

The description of Sunday City (by Kefir)

Welcome to Sunday City! The world simulating eternal summer, luxury, expensive entertainment, and biggest jackpots. Evenings in casino halls, beach vacations, and noisy parties till morning are the hallmarks of this little slice of heaven. The city is driven by gambling and pursuit of wealth. Everyone lives by one rule: you can’t win if you don’t take risks!

Your goal is to break into the Sunday City elite and become its king. How does one do that? The way up will not be easy, but it will be fun:


Make an incredible journey from a pizza deliverer to a multimillionaire. How exactly can one achieve success — is it through hard work and clear conscience or quick and easy money? You can take any opportunity. Choose your story.

Sunday City


Participate in daily quests and earn money in any accessible way, and then all the roads to Sunday City will be open for you. Premium cars, luxury brands, private parties — all that will be yours. Just have some patience and remain in good standing with Fortuna.

Sunday City


Temptations of beautiful living are very addictive, so try not to lose your head. The choice is yours: noisy casino nights and parties with friends or your own empire.

Sunday City


When you achieve success, you’ll be able to throw beach parties with your friends, buy a gorgeous house and a cool sports car, and raise your status in society. Here, image is everything.

Sunday City


Craving for a rich life generates ruthless competition. Both of those things are as natural for the Sunday City residents as the warm ocean and neon sunset. Take your place in the city’s elite and don’t settle for less. Struggle to succeed like in real life.

Sunday City

Sunday City on a picturesque shore — it was created for adventurers with a bold spirit and a brave heart. Here, it’s every man for himself, and much will be determined by luck. But remember, only you are the master of your fate.

Draw the winning ticket in Sunday City!

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Sunday City
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