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IDOLY PRIDE : Idol Manager

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of IDOLY PRIDE : Idol Manager (by NEOWIZ)

“Can you hear it? Song of the girl’s that tug at our heartstrings”.

The story of the pretty idols who worked tirelessly to become a top idol, culminating in the Grand Prix.
IDOLY PRIDE is finally on the world stage!

New original story!
– The beginning of a new story after the original animation.
– Become the manager of Hoshimi Productions and take center stage in the girls’ coming-of-age drama.

IDOLY PRIDE : Idol Manager

Enjoy the best live performance in high-quality 3D!
– A live stage featuring upbeat music and adorable dances from pretty idols.
– Utilize the vocal, dance, and visual characteristics of your idols and strategically organize them for the live stage.

IDOLY PRIDE : Idol Manager

Cast and produce your idols according to your manager’s preferences!
– Cast the idols that appear in the original story according to your own preference.
– Organize girls in groups and develop them into the ultimate idols.

IDOLY PRIDE : Idol Manager

Various outfits and the Photo shooting function!
– Take a nice picture of the idols wearing the outfit you chose.
– In addition to wearing outfits that match the concept, you can take photos of the girls’ live performances and daily lives.

IDOLY PRIDE : Idol Manager

Exciting 1:1 conversations with your favorite idols!
– Get to know your favorite idols in a 1:1 personalized interaction.
– Become a manager and consult and resolve confusions, worries, and conflicts that girls experience through calls and texts.

Managing idols’ daily routines and fans is an essential part of being a manager!
– Gathering as many fans as possible is important if you want a successful live performance!
– Manage your idol’s schedule with fan events, promotions, and breaks so that they can be loved by their fans.

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IDOLY PRIDE : Idol Manager

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