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Grand War: WW2 Strategy Games


💡 Platform – Android

The description of Grand War: WW2 Strategy Games (by World War 2 Strategy Games)

“WW2” is a newly launched turn-based war chess strategy game. The most classic strategic gameplay allows you to give full play to your command talents and let tactics decide everything! The game includes terrain, supplies, weather, diplomacy, city construction and other war elements, bringing you a real war simulation experience.

In 1939, the flames of war detonated around the world! As the most talented commander, you will personally command every battle and lead your camp to victory!
In the classic level mode, you will personally visit the battlefield as a commander, dispatch troops to march, control your famous generals, and fight with enemies on realistically restored maps.

Grand War: WW2 Strategy Games

You can freely combine your ace troops and choose the skill combination that best suits your generals from the skill tree. Occupy key resource points in the levels, protect your logistics lines, transport a steady stream of supplies to your frontline troops, and maintain combat effectiveness.
In the new conquest mode, you have one more stage to prove your leadership talent! The new diplomacy and construction system requires you to mediate among various forces and build your own town from scratch. In this mode, you can freely choose your opponents and allies until you conquer the world!

Game Features
Customized legion
– “WW2” has more than 200 countries’ military units to choose from, and more than 60 kinds of special forces for you to choose from.
– More than 100 famous generals, you can freely combine and combine your legions to enjoy unique bonuses.
– Each general has an exclusive skill tree, which can be combined freely to develop your own unique style of play.

Grand War: WW2 Strategy Games

Multiple game modes
– Classic level mode. There are three camps for you to choose from: Axis, Allies, and Soviet Union.
– Conquest mode is officially launched! You are free to choose any country and expand your strength through construction and management, controlling resources, and producing troops. Conquering the world is your goal!
– Innovative challenge mode. In this mode, you will be tested on special tasks in heavy rain, heavy snow and other weather environments. Both you and your opponents will receive special bonuses and debuffs. Your brain will be on fire!

Grand War: WW2 Strategy Games

Refuse pay to win
– Realistic battlefield terrain effects. From the dense jungles of the west to the vast deserts of North Africa to the bitter cold lands covered with ice and snow on the eastern front, there are finely restored battle scenes and special terrain effects. At the same time, you can also participate in naval battles and experience the powerful firepower of the Armada.
– Upgrade technology to increase the combat effectiveness of your troops. The upgrade of the technology system can improve the combat effectiveness of all units, and there are free powerful troops waiting for you to unlock.
– The morale system perfectly restores army combat. Surrounding your enemies can effectively reduce the enemy’s combat effectiveness.

Available: Google Play – DE

Grand War: WW2 Strategy Games
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