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Battlefield Hero

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Battlefield Hero (by Bob Funrs)

In order to maintain the peace of the world, the teenagers who insist on love and justice stand on the earth and fight with the terrorists who try to destroy the world. Gather brave teenagers and girls to experience addicting and refreshing battles in this sci-fi world. Bold heroine, cute medical master, bitter sniping queen, mysterious ninja, full of vitality sword fairy girl, powerful villain leader, more roles and gameplay waiting for you to discover!

Battlefield Hero

Game features
Parts damage:
Use weapons that suppress weaknesses to destroy the BOSS’s parts and obtain rare materials to build special weapons and equipment. Continue to unlock more powerful weapons, become stronger in battle, and make your adventure more colorful.

Battlefield Hero

Battle circuit:
Use engraving to activate different battle circuits and deal with different battlefield enemies.Correctly understand the enemy’s weaknesses and be invincible in battle.

Battlefield Hero

Hero Unlock
Complete the story and level challenges to obtain heroic weapons and unlock a plethora of vibrant characters. Keep unlocking new characters and collecting your unique team of companions.

Battlefield Hero

Exclusive Weapons:
Each hero has personal weapon, which can change their range and features. Build your own battle team and defeat one enemy after another!

Battlefield Hero

Equipment system:
Simplified equipment system. You only need to strengthen your equipment to get the highest stats, and there is a chance of rare excellent equipment. Constantly improve their own fighting strength, use clever tactics to suppress the enemy!

Battlefield Hero

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