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Retro Rampage

Early access – Test + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Retro Rampage (by Exptional Global)

Welcome to “Retro Rampage”. Unfortunately, the zombie virus is is wildly raging in the world of the 1990s, and cities around the world have established shelters to protect themselves. You will play as a survivor in the aftermath of the doomsday, venturing out to scavenge for resources, defeat zombies, gain enough survival skills, and restore the shelter to modern civilization!

Run and Gun
Pick up your weapon and shoot zombies, look for opportunities to detonate explosive barrels, destroy cars, and even kick enemies out of the gate to clear wave after wave of zombies! There are various weapons to choose from, including pistols, shotguns, rifles, each with its unique characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. Choose the most suitable weapon based on different situations and zombie types, and use it flexibly in battle to achieve ultimate victory!

Retro Rampage

Build your shelter
What could be more rewarding than building a powerful shelter with your own hands? Lead survivors in the ruins, create advanced equipment to resist your enemies, collect various resources and enjoy your cozy life in the shelter!

Retro Rampage

Immersive 90s
Search around the city in the 1990s. Each level of “Retro Rampage”exudes a nostalgic atmosphere of the 1990s. Graffiti, cars, music, streets, and weapons all reflect the time stamps of the 1990s.

Retro Rampage

Violence and humor
Humorous character images, funny actions, and violent slaughter of those damned zombies in laughter, enjoying a unique experience of joy and excitement coexisting.

Retro Rampage

Diverse Heroes
Multiple powerful heroes to choose from, research and match different hero skills and weapon equipment to become a zombie trigger! Whether you like firearms or explosive weapons, or like to develop bases and research upgraded technology, there are plenty of heroes to help you!

“Retro Rampage” is an entertaining side-scrolling zombie shooting game.In this crisis-ridden world, only the fittest survive! Download this game full of laughter and excitement and build your shelter, kill blasted zombies!

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Available: Google Play – US. CA, UK, etc…

Retro Rampage

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