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Official opening 3:00 March 15

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Puraore! SMILE PRINCESS (by DMMGAMES)

“Even in games! Combine sets with your soul! “

Anime series “Puraore!” -The game reproduces the famous scene from “ORANGE PRIDE -“! ??
Enjoy powerful action under the guidance of the professional ice hockey team “H.C. Tochigi Nikko Ice Bucks”!

You, who have become the new grandmaster of the new team, are participating in the Japanese national U18 female hockey team.
My first task is to meet with the 22 players selected as representatives and confirm their intention to participate.
Unique players will work hard and team up to form the Japan U-18 “SMILE PRINCESS” team.
What can they get with the support of GM, fighting the strongest teams in the world aspiring to the championship?


You can interact more with the characters
Anime series “Puraore!” In addition to the “main scenario” which describes the consequences of “~ PRIDE OF ORANGE ~”
You can read 3 Character Scenario where you can interact with characters and Team Scenario for each team!

Let’s check out one side of those kids that weren’t seen in the animation!


Ice hockey incandescent lamp
Enjoy the game under the supervision of the professional ice hockey team “H.C. Tochigi Nikko Ice Bucks”!
The result of the match depends on the strategy and timing of the player change! This is the highlight of your skill as a GM!

Of course, it also has an automatic play for a busy GM.

It’s up to you how to create a team, and those kids who were rivals in the anime are also teammates in the game!
We will strive to the top of the world by forming our own team, which was not in the animation!


Relive the thrill of anime
The heroes sing and dance!
Watch the winner’s Dance of Victory prize in-game!


You can play the game even on the big screen
DMM GAMES also accepts famous bookings!
By connecting your DMM account, you can use Puraore anytime, anywhere!

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