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Wonderland M – EN

Official Launch – SEA – English added + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Languages: Thai, English

The description of Wonderland M (by BEYOND GAMES)

Character Customization: Shape your character’s appearance and refine your playstyle to match your desires.
Crafting: Design items, furniture, and construct your dream home using a variety of methods.

Wonderland M

Minion System: Gather legendary and skilled minions from the realms to freely bolster your team.
Item Enhancement: Strengthen your weapons and gear to attain unrivaled power.

Wonderland M

PvP Challenges: Immerse yourself in fierce battles to showcase your skills and claim dominance.
Dungeon : Plunge into hidden dungeons in your quest for rare treasures.

Wonderland M

AFK System: Effortlessly level up, even while you’re offline.

Official website

Wonderland M
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