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Solo Leveling:Arise

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Solo Leveling:Arise (by Netmarble)

Pre-register to obtain ‘Legendary artifact sets’ + ‘Sung Jinwoo’s black suit costume’!
A World-changing “Level Up” Begins, Solo Leveling: ARISE.
The legendary webtoon with 14.3 billion global views make its first appearance as an action RPG!

Experience the thrill of the original webtoon through high-quality graphics!
From the Weakest Hunter of All Mankind to the world’s strongest hunter,
play as Jinwoo and experience the journey yourself!

Adventure through the gripping story of the original work
and discover all-new stories developed for the game!

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Enjoy mixing and matching gear and attacks!
Watch your combat style change based on your weapons and equipped skills!

Dodge with Extreme Evasion, then inflict critical damage with a perfectly timed QTE skill!

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Play as the best hunters from the original story!
Meet fan-favorite hunters from the original webtoon, including:
Choi Jong-In, The Ultimate Hunter,
Baek Yoonho, the hunter with a beast transformation,
and the remarkable Cha Hae-In!

Enjoy building a variety of different teams
by combining different hunters, abilities, and tactics!

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Brave shifting dungeons and heart-pounding encounters with powerful bosses!
As you grow stronger, so do the gates!
Form your teams, apply your strategies, clear the gates, and obtain rewards!

Tackle an array of different game modes,
including massive dungeon raids, boss replays, and
Time Attack content where every second counts!

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Become the Monarch of Shadows and recruit your army!
Command squads of loyal Shadow Soldiers
by extracting the shadows of monsters, you have defeated
and recruiting them as your new allies!

Available: Google Play / App Store – TH, CA

PC | Official website

Official Twitter(X):


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