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💡 Platform – Android

The description of ColorBANG (by N2 Entertainment)\

Welcome to “ColorBANG”! a fast-paced casual coloring game. In this colorful world, you will engage in exciting coloring battles. Gain advantages through coloring, eliminate opponents, and claim victory. The game uses a top-down fixed perspective and horizontal dual-joystick, making it easy to get started and experience the fun of competition quickly.

Spraying Mechanism: Gain advantages to enhance your abilities through strategic spraying across various areas. Team up with others to engage in competitive battles, contending for control over territories.


TPS Casual Competition: As a casual competition game with TPS core, the operation is simple and intuitive, and there is no complicated magazine mechanism. Playing against each other through using joysticks and taps will allow you to quickly get started and enjoy the game.
Team Competition: Form a powerful three-person team and conquer the arena! Become an unbeatable team and stay ahead of other opponents through teamwork and strategy!


Quick Battle: Show off your skills in 150 exciting seconds and fight for victory! Show off your speed and skill to defeat your enemies and face your greatest challenge!


Exclusive Map Prop Mode: The creative and imaginative scene graffiti in the game will bring you an unprecedented experience! Each scene is unique, inspiring your creativity and imagination!


Team Competition is highly enjoyable to watch: Spraying is the core strategic resource in the game, and layout and strategy are crucial for the Team Competition. The strategy and cooperation in the high-end game will become the key to winning, making the game more enjoyable to watch. At the same time, the intuitive fun and visual impact of spraying also make it possible for even players who do not understand the rules of the game to enjoy the wonderful battle.

Available: Google Play – PH, ID, TW

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