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Templar 2

Official Launch

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Templar 2 (by 2Pastores)

Embark on an epic journey through a dark medieval fantasy world in Templar 2, an exhilarating 2D indie platform and adventure game!

The Red Plague has unleashed epic chaos upon the earth, transforming the deceased into fearsome demons.

The Order of “The Knights of the Three Suns”, led by Knight Melendo and under the orders of the relentless inquisitor Torquemada, terrorize villages in pursuit of witches during their epic quest.

Assume the role of Ruy, the last valiant Templar Knight and renowned demon hunter. Armed with your trusted Templar sword, confront epic mercenaries, knights, and formidable bosses to vanquish the most terrifying demons.

Game Features:

A free and action packed side scrolling platformer 2D.

Engage epic mercenaries, knights, and bosses in your courageous quest.

Templar 2

Explore the expansive world and choose your path, but exercise caution some lands are perilous for ill equipped or low level knights.

Reveal dark and eerie forests, ruined cities, enigmatic castles, and blood-soaked dungeons.

Enhance your warrior’s power with armor and enchanted items.

Templar 2

Enjoy meticulously crafted retro 2D graphics with 90s style 16-bit visuals.

Overcome challenging difficulty levels and discover hidden rooms and enchanted doors.

Experience precise touch controls designed for mobile gaming.

Templar 2

Utilize Gamepad/Controller support activate it within the options.

Immerse yourself in captivating 2D anime scenes.

Over 50 levels and 40 color comic pages will immerse you in this epic story!

Templar 2

Strengthen your inventory by purchasing items or uncovering them on the map.

Defeated enemies may drop useful potions, magical items, and coins for the shop, a classic element of dark platform and metroidvania games.

Templar 2
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