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Royal Tank

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Royal Tank (by 111%)

Roguelite TD ‘Royal Tank’ has been released!
Prepare for the attack of the enemy, combining your skills and merging tanks.
Build your deck and find out the best strategy for defense.

Royal Tank

20+ tanks you can collect and play!
Clear the stages and collect the tanks.
There are 20+ tanks in this game, and you can make your own deck regarding your gameplay.
If you failed to defend the wave, review your deck again and take another try.
For example, there are many tanks like
– Star Tank : When created, it randomly has 1 to 5 stars. The more stars you have, the more damage you get.
– Combo Tank : Gets stronger with each merge
– Growth tank : The tank gets more power speed and damage every 6 seconds

Royal Tank

Make the perfect skill combination!
You can choose one skill chip and the special ability will be applied.
Choose the best chip which is appropriate for your field.
– Good Fortune Of Beginners : Some tanks get stronger randomly
– Adventure : All of the tanks change to the same one tank.
– Bargain Sale : The amount of SP get reduces to summon a tank
Also, you can use active skill like ‘missile’, ‘shield’ etc.
make the perfect skill combination and show off your strategy.

Royal Tank

Manage your SP!
You can summon a tank using SP, which can be acquired while defeating the enemy.
If you tap the ‘BUILD’ button, then a tank will be generated randomly.
You can merge two same tanks and build the better one tank, but it is randomly generated.
Strengthen your field by using SP for specific tank upgrades.
The choice is up to you, think carefully how to use SP.

Warning Uncredible boss is coming!
There are various stage bosses with special abilities, like below.
Get ready for the boss and defeat them!
– Hacker : This boss summon tanks randomly which heal the boss whenever it attacks
– Magnet : This boss summon some magnets and dash to the magnet, one of them
– Dice : Whenever this boss reaches the edge, it rolls the dice and takes special abilities.

Royal Tank

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