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Arcane Crystals: Match-3 RPG

Official Launch(RU) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Arcane Crystals: Match-3 RPG (by Finiki Games)

Become the leader of a tactical team that combats against the space invaders.
It’s time to make guns, upgrade your heroes, and find out what other wonders the crystals from space can do in a Match3 game.
The fate of the planet is in your hands in this new Match3 RPG!

Unique features:
Tactical strategy
Fun battles against unique enemies, each of which will surprise you with their skills.

Match3 style battles
A classic puzzle from a new perspective – defeat the formidable enemy by means of Arcane crystals and unique battle skills.
Upgrade the heroes and collect them all.

Offline playing
You can come back to the game at any moment to develop your team’s skills and get to know your enemies better.

Arcane Crystals: Match-3 RPG

Enormous robots whose power sows fear among the enemies.
Find them all and upgrade them to use as a secret weapon of your army on the path to glory.

Arcane Crystals: Match-3 RPG

Your own team of heroes
Each faction prefers using the power of Arcane Crystals in their own way – which is to your taste?
Try out all powers and their combinations to win at all times!

Arcane Crystals: Match-3 RPG

Legendary weapons
Mjölnir and Laser Sabers are not a fiction anymore – they are the weapons created by means of Arcane Crystals.
Equip your team with epic gear and become the best hero of all times.

Engaging story
A meteorite from the outer space changed the history of the humanity.
Right now, you have to save your people from the aliens who came to obtain all the Arcane Crystals from the Earth’s depths.
Protect your technologies and wonders that became possible thanks to the crystals.
Arcane Crystals – this is the name of the meteorite that fell on Earth and changed the world forever.
It became the source of unique powers, and space invaders already landed on Earth to gain the supplies of crystals and enslave the people of Earth. There’s a big battle ahead in which the combat is not on the arena but in life.
Become the hero who unlocks the potential of Arcane Crystals and unites the humanity in the battle against the enemy in this new Match 3 RPG.

Available: Google Play – RU

Arcane Crystals: Match-3 RPG

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