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The description of Kepler-2100 (by NCARD)

Kepler-2100 is an interstellar-themed strategy war game

Compared with traditional strategy war games, Kepler-2100 is more inclined to casual gameplay.
-Don’t overemphasize PVP gameplay here
-Each commander’s main base cannot be forcibly attacked. Commanders can rest assured that they can rest offline and enjoy the game easily.
-Here more emphasis is placed on cooperative PVE play
-Each commander can cooperate with other commanders to mine and form a team to explore the starry sky dungeon


Game play introduction:
Types of battleships
The game provides commanders with 4 types of warships. Commanders can build various types of warships to form a fleet and explore the starry sky.
(1) Frigate: Strong defensive capability, good at protecting teammates and providing defensive assistance
(2) Destroyer: strong attack capability, good at using missiles to cause a lot of damage to the enemy
(3) Cruiser: moves quickly and is good at rapid maneuvering to support the battlefield
(4) Engineering ship: strong in repair capabilities, good at repairing warships in battle and interfering with the enemy


Battleship skill module
The game provides commanders with hundreds of skill modules for battleships. By properly assembling various skill modules for battleships, a powerful fleet can be formed.


Sphere of influence
Commanders can gain a sphere of influence by occupying core mineral points in space and mine large amounts of resources.


Interstellar Alliance
Commanders in the game can form an interstellar alliance, share spheres of influence, and work together to develop the starry sky city.


Special activities
The game has prepared a wealth of activities for all commanders.
There are hundreds of people fighting against each other, a magnificent positional battle
There is unity and cooperation, a defensive war against interstellar pirates
A stronghold battle involving all members of the Star Alliance to conquer the Star City

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