Concordia: Digital Edition


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The description of Concordia: Digital Edition (by Acram Digital sp z o.o.)

Build the greatest trade empire of ancient Rome!

Concordia: Digital Edition is a faithful adaptation of a strategic board game ranked in Top 20 board games of all time.

Concordia: Digital Edition is a faithful adaptation of a strategic board game ranked in Top 20 board games of all time. Plan ahead and make crucial decisions every turn. Always be prepared to make a trade off – your actions can very well benefit other players as well as yourself.

Concordia: Digital Edition

What is Concordia?
Concordia: Digital Edition is a turn-based strategy game where 2 to 6 players face each other in the fight for wealth and influence. You will build your trade empire on one of several maps of the ancient world. Using actions on the cards you will plan and execute your strategy to get an edge on your competition. Each of your decisions can benefit both you and your opponents. Send your colonists to new cities, across the land or sea and build houses to expand your trade empire!
What makes Concordia great?

Concordia: Digital Edition

Concordia is a game with rules that are easy to learn, but mastering it can take a lifetime! With additional maps and expansions along the way (all the official ones, in fact), the replayability of Concordia: Digital Edition is near infinite. Play against the AI or challenge your friends in the hot seat mode or online cross platform multiplayer on PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. The authentic feel of the board game, along with the intuitive UI makes it the perfect addition to your gaming collection!

Concordia: Digital Edition

What can you expect?
Build your trade empire
Trade goods and expand to different cities
Manage your colonists, storage space and action cards
Try out variety of different maps
Customize your game with expansions modules
Become the greatest merchant of ancient Rome!
Easy to learn, hard to master
High strategic depth. Be ready to make trade offs!
Official Concordia rules consulted with game’s designer
Play with AI, friends or both – great experience for both solo and group play
All of the official expansions will be released
Unique experience of a board game with convenience of a digital platform
Interactive tutorial that will teach you how to play

Concordia: Digital Edition
Cover Concordia: Digital Edition

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