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The Legend of Jaffa Brownie

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Legenda o Jaffinom Brauniju (by Shosha Games)

Dive into the whimsical world of Jaffa cakes and uncover the mysteries within!

“The Legend of Jaffa Brownie” is a 3D action-adventure where you play as Jaffa Brownie on a quest to find the Heart of the Factory and uncover the truth about your existence.

Legenda o Jaffinom Brauniju

Explore every corner of the Jaffa factory:
Step into the colourful world of Jaffa sweet creations. Experience the peaceful life on the factory farm, the fast-paced urban cityscape, as well as some darker and colder parts of the factory.

Legenda o Jaffinom Brauniju

Test your platforming skills and overcome the challenges of the world to reach all parts of the factory!

Legenda o Jaffinom Brauniju

Get ready for combat:
Fight against various robots and save Jaffa cakes!

Legenda o Jaffinom Brauniju

Think tactically and solve different puzzles to progress through different worlds!

Legenda o Jaffinom Brauniju

Customise your Brownie:
Collect coins on your adventure and use them to buy skins and create your unique Brownie!

Legenda o Jaffinom Brauniju

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