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EVE Galaxy Conquest

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of EVE Galaxy Conquest (by CCP Games)

Embark on an epic space strategy adventure with EVE Galaxy Conquest, brought to you by the creators of acclaimed MMO EVE Online. Explore a vast galaxy filled with danger and opportunities where every decision matters. Are you ready to take command and write history?

EVE Galaxy Conquest

Begin Your Legacy: Your journey starts with a small but thriving base in a corner of the boundless cosmos. Harvest the valuable resources nearby to build and upgrade spaceships, recruit capable commanders to lead your fleets, and unlock new technologies as you expand your base – every step is a chapter in crafting your legacy.

EVE Galaxy Conquest

Conquer the Galaxy: Engage in epic space battles to expand your influence and power. Each ship and commander has different strengths and weaknesses for you to strategize to gain an advantage over your enemies. Your neighbors can be valuable allies or foes, will you choose friendship or extermination? We leave that choice to you.

EVE Galaxy Conquest

Venture Beyond the Stars: With thousands of others, combine your powers with allies by joining a corporation and set out to conquer the stars. Alliances will be formed, alliances will be broken – every battle and victory leads you closer to mastering the multiplayer adventure.

EVE Galaxy Conquest

Feature Highlights:
. Expand your dominion with strategic base building.
. Capture and mine resources to support your conquests.
. Build and upgrade your ships to form powerful fleets.
. Recruit powerful commanders to lead your fleets.
. Customize your fleet by selecting the right ships and commanders for its intended mission
. Join a corporation and form alliances in a lively multiplayer community.

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Available: Google Play – PH

EVE Galaxy Conquest

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