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Isekai:Sky Fantasy

Official Launch(TH) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Isekai:Sky Fantasy (by MiracleSongStudio)

Departure to the foreign world of the sky Holding hands with many partners Embark on a lonely adventure in the land of the sky.

Register in advance and receive it now. ParaglidingIsekai nurse fashion outfit Complete with Isekai style pilot style face/head/tail/waist decorations.
Log in and give away randomly 1200 times Exchange 10 billion star diamonds

Isekai:Sky Fantasy

– Pets, mounts with many different styles
Traveling in a foreign world of the sky Pair with pets and mounts that come in a variety of styles.
Snake God – Powerful Maya Nami’s sweet voice A little deer with the body of a deer and the head of a deer… goes to war with his pets. Join the fight against the enemy
Ride a manta elephant, a jibjib chicken, a motorcycle, a phoenix bike, and many more riding animals. Travel freely in the land of the sky.

Isekai:Sky Fantasy

– Girl gives encouragement
Idol · Ying Ying, Maid · Liu Li Oiran Kaguya….
Talk to her like a friend. Know the story of Mrs. Help her choose an outfit. Invite her to dance.
This adventure will definitely not be a lonely one.

Isekai:Sky Fantasy

– Transform when fighting
Transform into a hero spirit to gain special abilities.
Loki holds the spear of deception.
Hercules carries a prototype of a reloading bear.
Venus holds the sea demon.
Arthur holds the sword of victory.
4 people fight at once Equipped with 4 weapons Create a power that no one can compete with.

Isekai:Sky Fantasy

– Can be played in many formats
Daily activities Counting time activities It is held every day.
TeeBoos PvP, team racing, guild racing, competing in the server, across servers, there are many formats to choose from.
Every day you can practice 3 times for free. Get many items

Isekai:Sky Fantasy

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