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The Chrono

Early access – CBT2 + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Chrono (by VNGGames International)

Explore Clock land
The continent of the broken clock is in danger! Drive the Edna train, explore forces in different regions, team up with friends, challenge super bosses, and create the best equipment! There is also an endless train mode for players to constantly challenge and break through your limit!


Explore & Trade
Follow the train to unlock new areas and conquer one station after another! You can also send mercenaries to explore, trade with the site, strategically manage the sand table map, obtain home tools and materials, continuously expand your power, and conquer the Clock Continent!


DIY Your Train
Obtain construction materials through the Train Home, any DIY train home, hundreds of special furniture, free combination of car structures, and create your own exclusive train! At the same time, by arranging furniture, decorate your train, improve your attribute!


Antiquities, Tarot Angels and Pets
Featured antiquities collection system, in-depth training, matching 22 different Tarot Angels, awakening god-level special abilities, freely set skills-combo of your powerful pets, a variety of combinations will help you reach the top!

Available: Google Play – PH, ID


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