DDTank Origin

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of DDTank Origin (by VNG Game Publishing)

DDTank Origin is remodified by the original top-rated and renowned game developer, 7 Road and published by VNG Games, based on the classic 13-year gameplay of the web version of DDTank.

With the current mobile version, the game has been enhanced and optimized in all aspects to fit the mobile gaming experience. Not only adapting colorful and cute 2D graphics, it’s also featured with a series of new gameplays and protocols such as real-time competitions, PK battles as well as various categories of group instances.

The mobile gameplay version mainly emphasizes personal judgment on a ballistic physical trajectory, teamwork, and the display of eye-catching fashion Day by Day. The brisk combat rhythm and the lively screen create a friendly, casual, and competitive environment for users that is highly social-friendly, bringing a new level of personalized gaming experience.

Localized Elements
New local elements such as Kuala Lumpur map, KL Tower map, Roti Canai weapon & localized characters that give you brand-new, exclusive, adventurous, and delightful experience.

DDTank Origin

Combination of joyful strategies
Personalize your gameplay with a variety of weapons, multiple pets, props to battle against opponents strategically – giving them a shock of their life!

Revival of the Classic Battle Strategy
Face the battlefield or flee? Determine your own strategy! Destroy the enemy and be ready for an onslaught.

Multiplayer Cross-World Contest
Gang up with your friend and protect your crown in the ultimate battle cross-servers!

DDTank Origin

Trending Fashion & Personalized Accessories
A variety of trendy styles awaits you. Mix and match your very own combination and be the uprising trendsetter!

DDTank Origin

Multi Social System
Battle side by side with your friends to clear the dungeons. Get married to your crush and fight against the world. Join or create a guild and build up your very own family! You will never be alone in this!

DDTank Origin

Official website https://ddtank.vnggames.com/

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/ddtankoriginvng

Available: Google Play / App Store – MY, SG, TW, etc…


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