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Umisonia: Action Platformer 2D

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Umisonia: Action Platformer 2D (by zhinestark)

Play as Aria, a powerful warrior with her friend Umi, and explore the kingdom of Albinora in this pixel art adventure to find a way to restore the great tree.
Face enemies and bosses that will test your reflexes, each enemy has a unique ability!

Umisonia: Action Platformer 2D
Umisonia: Action Platformer 2D

As you progress through the kingdom you can equip yourself with equipment, skills and weapons that make navigation easier.
You can control Umi to complete puzzles and make your way through the adventure. Customize your equipment and upgrade your weapons to become invincible!
Umisonia is a fast-paced game, connected levels from start to finish full of action-packed platforming and action style, and the game hides secret chests that reward the player when found.

Umisonia: Action Platformer 2D

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or an experienced player, you will be able to find the hidden boss soul fragments and challenge him!

Umisonia: Action Platformer 2D
Umisonia: Action Platformer 2D

Accurate and customizable touch controls.
Customization of skills and equipment as a role-playing game.
Play offline.
Multiple save slots.
Dynamic and real-time combat.
Collect resources and customize your equipment.
Compatibility with android Gamepad Controller.
Complete missions and advance in the main story, plus you can do side quests in the process!
Combination of metroidvania, RPG and castlevania.
Level up and customize your character’s attributes; do you want to choose the path of a wizard? Maybe you want to be a tank? It’s up to you.

Umisonia: Action Platformer 2D

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