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Apocalypse: Zombie Smasher

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Apocalypse: Zombie Smasher (by Phoenix Mountain Technology)

Drive a jeep in a barren world, through mountains, rivers, seas, and the ruins of cities, looking for the faint radio messages of survivors.

Break through the wave of zombies and head straight into the wind. Will you be the ruler of slaughter? Or the savior of survivors? Or bring the hope of redemption to the infected, and so on.

Start with getting a handy weapon anyway. To survive the army of zombies at the end of the world, you should do everything in your power. Even a stick is a weapon for self-defense at this time. As the saying goes, something is better than nothing. Want better weapons? Don’t stop the pace of merges, from sticks to chainsaws, from muskets to laser cannons, numerous weapons & guns, and multiple attack modes. Keep merging to expand your arsenal. A weapon’s power increases with its level. While exhilarating killing zombies, the whimsical weapons will bring you endless fun.

Is the survival of the doomsday slightly lonely? The dog will be your most loyal and reliable partner and comrade-in-arms. Interact with it each day outside the battlefield, play with it, and it will become the most helpful assist on the battlefield. The survivors are also a lively support group, transporting supplies, operating the black market, operating offline revenue, and publishing daily tasks. On the road to survival in a zombie apocalypse, the army of survivors will become the most abundant supply station.

Combination of idle merge weapons and zombie shooting, shooting zombies to give them redemption and save more survivors. You are an apocalyptic legend of the end times. Come on!
All-Fire-Out – Heroes!

Trigger warning – Simple and rich gameplay

Merge Weapons
● Merge, merge, and continuously merge weapons of the same level to obtain more powerful weapons! Collect a large variety of weapons, including over 50 various types of weapons, and enjoy a rich gaming experience. Currently, available information: Sticks, Chainsaws, Bows, AK, Shotguns, Sheep Bomb, Magic Wands… more interesting weapons are waiting for you to unlock.
● You have an arsenal and every once in a while you get a weapon from a drop box.
● Every weapon displayed in the arsenal will earn you money. The higher the level of weapons and guns you collect, the more income you will earn and the more weapons and guns you can buy, pushing you faster development!

Keeping pets
● Raise your pets, establish a deep friendship with them, take meticulous care of them and spend quality time with them each day. If you train them to be large dogs, they can participate in battles to help you destroy the zombie army sooner.
● Interact with your pet frequently to improve its mood value and let it grow into a right-hand man who accompanies you to fight against zombies.

Destroy the zombie army
● Find dozens of infected and mutant monsters, some of which are highly defensive, some are agile, and some can even split. Use your weapons and guns to deal with them and destroy the zombie army.
● Remember to use items in times of crisis, the Cure pack restores all health in an emergency, and the frantic mode speeds up your attack, slaughtering the zombie army at a crazy speed. The zombie army is overwhelming, don’t panic, call calmly and ask satellite missiles for support that will help you.
● Survivors are waiting for rescue in each stage, shuttle through schools, parking lots, and even Chinese courtyards.
● Protect yourself with weapons and fire now!

Merge, fire, and unlock collectible weapons in Apocalypse: Zombie Smasher. Want to be the ruler of slaughter? The Savior of the survivors? Who is the transcendence that redeems the infected? Everything is up to you. The doomsday bell has sounded, and the world is waiting for a hero to appear. Begin your legendary road now.

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