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Yakuza Endeavor

Official Launch – EU, NA + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Yakuza Endeavor (by OASIS GAMES LIMITED)

Step by Step, Dominate the Yakuza Empire!
The Yakuza Family is now in your hands! [Yakuza Endeavor] is the Yakuza themed SLG RPG mobile game set in the dark underbelly of Japan. Gather your clansmen, expand your influence, dominate the underworld through, money, power, and charm.

Marks of the Clan
Recruit your men and build your clan! Talent lurks in the dark underbelly of the city. Gather them and stake your claim on the city. Anarchy awaits, but worry not, you can trust your clansmen.

Yakuza Endeavor

Geishas of Fortune
Damsels in distress, ladies of the night, calculating mistresses, submissive courtesans, you know what to do in the city that never sleeps. Conquest is not always with force but with charm. Make vivid memories and sow seeds of conquest. You can even marry other players!

Establish your Territory
Grow your clan by developing your territory. You are the clan head that we need to build the strongest family. The life and death, health and wealth of our men depends on the decisions that you make everyday.

Yakuza Endeavor

Perilous Bounty System
Take on dangerous bounties and garner notoriety for your abilities. The greater the reward, the greater the risk, assassinate famous leaders, protect neighborhoods, take down thieving syndicate, all in a days work.

Fierce Family Feuds
Which family will reign supreme? Only the strong will survive! Climb your way to the top through intense 1v1 Clan battles and Guild Wars. When backed into a corner, the only way out is forward.

Yakuza Endeavor

Leave your Legacy
You are the master of your fate, the writer of your story. Stories of your achievements will echo in the Hall of Stories. The records can be shared publicly to commemorate your allies and instill fear in your enemies.

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Yakuza Endeavor
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