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Dungeon & Kingdom

Official Launch – Beta – Global

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dungeon & Kingdom (by Strategy Gamez)

Dungeon & Kingdom is a dungeon encounter strategy card RPG mobile game. In the game, you play as a new adventurer with magical powers and embark on an adventure
with your favorite allies. Create strategic formations and powerful bonds using the four main hero classes: warrior, enchanter, assassin, and hunter. Fight strategic card-based battle, decipher the mysteries of 12 chapter maps and challenge powerful chapter bosses to get treasure.

Like-minded adventurers can form a kingdom together and build their own city. Make your kingdom stronger through expeditions and ocean voyages, and compete against adventurers of other kingdoms in Last Battlefield!

Dungeon & Kingdom

Explore & Adventure – 12 Maps with Puzzles to Solve and Easter Eggs to Unlock
12 unique maps where every Exploration Point presents unexpected questions and each choice leads to a completely different path: Epic battles, long-buried contraptions, hidden treasure caves, and special encounters. Every adventure is full of surprises and no two are alike. Plus game modes like Tower of Fate, Endless Abyss and World Boss waiting for you to unlock!

Dungeon & Kingdom

Casual & Idle – Free up Your Hands and Let the Resources Come to You!
Whether you’re in the middle of another event or enjoying some relaxation, go AFK with the press of a button and let the earnings keep pouring in. Not a second wasted! Characters grow stronger and faster so players can focus on strategy without spending ages manually collecting resources and EXP!

Dungeon & Kingdom

Character Formations – Over 70+ Characters to Build Your Own Unique Team
Unlimited strategy options with over 1,000 card combinations, 4 major classes, 16 races, and 70+ characters!
Rich but uncomplicated upgrade systems: easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to get the required materials. Adventurers can spend more time on core gameplay and enjoy the pure fun of gaming.

Dungeon & Kingdom

Card Strategy – Fight for the Glory and Your Kingdom
Face down your opponents in apex duels! Battle heroes in the Arena, climb the ladder in Ranked Match for the glory and your kingdom! Combine unique character cards to exploit enemy weaknesses, use strategy to overcome stronger opponents. Every battle is full of endless possibilities and thrills!

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Dungeon & Kingdom

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