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Demon Slayer: Hunt

Early Access – CBT + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Demon Slayer: Hunt (by DAILY AWARD LIMITED)

When the light of Elder Tree dims, the demon legion invades, pick up your blessed weapon and save the world. According to the ancient prophecy, the greatest demon hunter who kills the king of demons will also be the new ruler of this continent…

Game Features

Explore into the darkness! Remember to use your special sense of demon hunter to find your way through the mysterious mist.

Demon Slayer: Hunt

Hunt your prey! Gear yourself up for hunting dangerous demons. Gain your reward and recruit legendary demon hunters to your squad.

Demon Slayer: Hunt

Build up your stronghold! Gather troops with your reputation, to fight against hordes of evil creatures.

Demon Slayer: Hunt

Make allies around the world! Dispel the vicious mist together, retake the land of humans!

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Available: Google Play – CA, AU, DE, UK

Demon Slayer: Hunt

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