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Sangokushi Another ~Holy General’s Wish~

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 三国志アナザー~星将の願い~ (by Apollo Technology Co.,Ltd)

三国志アナザー 星将の願い

The unrepentant Romance of the Three Kingdoms spun by your hands
Sangokushi RPG that is not bound by camp
The Sousei God Realm that the people of the stars have protected for generations.
It creates light by transforming the power of strong desires (“desire”) of warlords who lived in distant worlds into the power of the stars.
But at some point, the stars were covered in shadows, and the light was about to be lost.
Under the influence of shadows, the warlords’ longings lost their way and wandered around.
Became a demon general and began to erode the world.
The Celestial Spirit dwelling in the “Blue Star Crystal”, which is the core of the star, summoned the chosen one with the power of the remaining star in order to save the creation star god world from the crisis…
Another Sangokushi, Another Story
An unfamiliar camp star general appears!
More than 100 military commanders have appeared, and among them, there is a star commander who has acquired the power of the stars, can freely change camps as desired, and fights with different skills. Masu.
Experience different Sangokushi in different worlds with warlords with the power of the stars!


Innovative mechanics, the ultimate in martial arts and strategy
Warlords who make full use of various special skill effects such as burns, deadly poison, fainting, attack enhancement, and damage reduction.
The universe spreads out on a six-square board, fusing martial arts and strategy, selecting military commanders, arranging formations, and breaking common sense with faction strategies to break through common sense.


Your Romance of the Three Kingdoms anytime, anywhere
Easy one-handed operation, accelerated combat that can double speed amplification, and advanced auto functions allow you to progress through the game smoothly. On top of that, even offline, the warlords protect the Soseikai and accumulate various rewards.


Gorgeous voice actors, impressive production
Please listen to the voices that move the hearts of the gorgeous voice actors who pour their souls into the warlords with various personalities and charms, and the voices that resound in the earth of this “Sosei”!

Lots of replayable elements
A story that catches your heart, a stage that aims to reach the pinnacle of martial arts, and a divine beast with ancient power
Let’s weave the Sangokushi with no regrets through a wide variety of elements, such as attractive beauties!

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