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Gold Fishing: Idle Merger

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Gold Fishing: Idle Merger (by HI GAME LIMITED)

Welcome to “Gold Fishing”! We are a creatively designed casual game that combines merging, fishing, and idle gameplay elements, bringing players a brand new gaming experience. Here, you will fully indulge in the joy of fishing, experience the unparalleled merging fishing gameplay, and easily progress through different fishing grounds, immersing yourself in the joyful world of the game!

Game Features:

Merging Fishing Gameplay: We have merged two classic gameplay styles – merging and fishing. While fishing, you can also merge fishermen to increase fishing efficiency and experience the sense of achievement when different-level fishermen use various tools for fishing.

Gold Fishing: Idle Merger

Fishing Fun: Through the idle gameplay system, you can easily fish without the need for frequent operations, and still earn stable profits. Experience the authentic pleasure of fishing, catch various rare fish, and enjoy a diverse and exciting fishing experience!

Gold Fishing: Idle Merger

Fish Processing Factory: In addition to fishing, you can send the caught fish to the processing factory. Unlock different processing equipment to turn the fish into delicious fish products. This not only increases your earnings but also meets the demands of different customers.

Exquisite Scenes: We have meticulously designed diverse fishing ground scenes, from serene lakes to turbulent oceans. Each scene has its own unique characteristics, offering a delightful visual experience. As your fishing grounds level up, you will explore even more beautiful places and experience the infinite charm of fishing.

Gold Fishing: Idle Merger

In “Gold Fishing,” fishing is no longer monotonous, merging is no longer tedious, and idle gameplay is no longer boring. Come and join our game world, immerse yourself in endless fun, and unleash your passion for fishing!

Gold Fishing: Idle Merger

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