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Secret Three Kingdoms (TH)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Secret Three Kingdoms(บันทึกลับสามก๊ก) by YOUZU

Awaken the King Dreaming of the Three Kingdoms Land
One of the famous developers has spent over 3 years developing this Secret Three Kingdoms game. In the game there will be many rewards such as free generals randomly distributed immediately upon login. No need to top up, you can get VIP level for free. There is also a collaboration of a quality graphics team. Design hundreds of generals of the Three Kingdoms Along with a unique combination skill mode Break through your fighting limits


Drill time across dimensions Dash the Land of the Three Kingdoms
Through the dimension to the land of the Three Kingdoms Classic history Meet the most hilarious world that cannot be met! Hundreds of artists flick the ink down to create the ultimate image of a young general. When classics and dreams come together The exciting adventure has begun.


Merging Strategy Combine the power of the most daring partner
Highlights of the merge pose function Able to arrange skills as needed. For the limitless battle! Combination of skills of all generals in the Three Kingdoms. Various planning For the fight to the end! Dazzling skill effects Will enhance your fighting experience


Invasion and seize the territory Combine the Land of the Three

Brothers swear! Join hands to build an army in the chaos Conquer the god generals Run through the dungeons Keep growing! Invade and seize the territory Combine the Land of the Three Kingdoms In order to show your skills to the world!


All the popular military commander Conquer the battle for the throne
Meet many famous generals who will become your partner. Assemble a variety of teams to conquer victory in battle. Collect famous generals of the Three Kingdoms Create a stunning visualization of generals.

Official website https://ss2th.gtarcade.com/

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